Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Bible-lending, Scripture-quoting Teacher Story...with a twist!

So, I'm online today, and I come across what looks to be a typical story. You know the kind of post that you read and are 99% sure you have an opinion on before you even finish. This was one of those.

Americans United posted that a New Jersey substitute teacher was suspended for giving a student a Bible after quoting scripture to the child during school. Here's the article from the Christian Post.

On the face of it, it seems like a positive story from an atheist's perspective. If I just read the headline, I'd consider it a triumph for the Separation of Church and State...

Now, after actually reading the story, I'm really not so sure.

The teacher supposedly quoted a Bible verse to a kid at the back of the line... Then, when the kid asked about it, the teacher loaned him a Bible.

And now, that substitute teacher is now suspended for the rest of the year...

I don't have the whole story... and it is from the CHRISTIAN Post, after all. But what do you think about this?

Was it wrong for him to give the kid a Bible to read? Or does the context make that okay?

If it was wrong, was the punishment fair? Or did the school go too far?

AND the most important question (in that, it's the one I'm most curious to get your feedback on...):

Was this a "win" for the Separation of Church and State? Or a loss?  


Unknown said...

I would say the ban is fitting in this case. Being a Gideon, he clearly has an agenda for dissemination, but he's only a substitute teacher and his ban appears to only be through the district, so he shouldn't be totally bereft of opportunities.

To me, the description of the event seems to show the substitute had an agenda to promote his faith as a figure of public authority.

Anonymous said...

I call it a win.
The teacher clearly tried to influence a child's thinking on a religious level.
Young minds are impressionable and those who are trusted to educate children should be held to a high standard.
Don't pollute young minds with such absolute drivel.
Even if the child had asked about religion without the teacher having quoted the ridiculous text first- Teach should have known better and informed the innocent mind that school is not the place for fairy tales.